Dietmar Feichtinger Architects

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Shanghai Bridge
Hamburg | 
Germany – 


HafenCity Hamburg GmbH

Start of construction

04 | 2006


44 m

Construction budget

8.3 M€

Competition winner



06 | 2007
Building of the year 2006 Hamburg

The new Shanghai Bridge gracefully spans between the historic heart of Hamburg and the contemporary development of Hafencity, symbolically connecting the city’s rich past with its promising future. Serving as a transitional landmark, this bridge represents the link between the traditional architectural heritage and the upcoming structures of Hafencity.

Going beyond its utilitarian purpose as a mere crossing, the Shanghai Bridge offers a panoramic view of both the eastern and western parts of the city, providing a visual narrative of the portside metropolis’s evolution and offering breathtaking perspectives of sunrise and sunset. The innovative dual-level balcony layout ensures uninterrupted sightlines and clearly defines different zones. The pedestrian and cycling space is divided into a crossing promenade and an extended balcony, both adorned with native oak, giving the bridge an appearance of lightness and transparency.

Crafted from steel, the bridge’s architectural design pays homage to traditional harbor bridges while exuding a contemporary style. Its construction method allows for efficient prefabrication and rapid assembly. The primary and cross girders form the bridge’s core, with their innovative arrangement effectively distributing the bridge’s loads. An understated lighting scheme defines spaces, ensuring safety while creating a pleasing ambiance. .

Architects: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Engineers: Wtm

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