Dietmar Feichtinger Architects

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Sport Center Ladoumegue
Paris | 
France – 


City of Paris

Start of construction

03 | 2010


38 185 m²

Construction budget

26.7 M€

Competition winner



01 | 2014
ArchiDesignClub Award 2015

The Jules Ladoumègue stadium is currently undergoing a transformative rebuild, which has been harmoniously integrated with RATP’s new metro train storage and maintenance facility. This design prioritizes urban integration and the efficient utilization of available space. The major sports fields, including football and rugby, have been positioned on top of the maintenance center, creating an elevated structure that aligns with the height of Paris’s ring road, which runs alongside the west side of the site.

Adjacent to the boulevard, a cluster of six enclosed tennis courts spanning 200 meters not only adds visual appeal but also serves as a noise barrier. To the east, a multi-story building enhances the facility, accommodating specialized sports areas across four levels. The building’s luminous and transparent architectural design, accentuated by reflective surfaces, is strategically located near the new tramway station. This placement not only emphasizes the building’s significance in connecting Paris with its outskirts but also signifies a renewed sense of urban transversality.

A primary objective in designing this complex was to achieve harmony with its surroundings. This involved not only integrating it into the urban landscape but also ensuring comfort and aesthetics by emphasizing the use of light, openness, and transparency. The sports center offers a diverse range of facilities, including a climbing area, gym, dance studios, and squash courts.

The treatment of the external façades is a reflection of the building’s multifunctionality and underscores its exemplary environmental approach. Utilizing both fixed and adjustable louvres, the design features passive solar management, providing protection during the summer and insulation during colder seasons. These louvres also fine-tune natural illumination, striking a balance between privacy and light for the indoor spaces. The gym and squash areas are adorned with polished, pleated stainless steel, a choice that invigorates the façade and mirrors the urban setting.

Architect: Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Structural Consultant: Ingerop

Engineers sport equipment: Osmose
Landscape planning: Empreinte
Environment: Oasis
Acoustic Engineering: Peutz & Associes

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