Dietmar Feichtinger Architects

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes

Social Housing and Workshops Zac Claude Bernard
Paris | 
France – 


Meunier Habitat Ile de France

Start of construction

11 | 2009


8 375 m²

Construction budget

12.87 M€

Competition winner



12 | 2011
The building stands as a testament to contemporary architectural design in the heart of ZAC Claude Bernard, occupying one of its four plots. Architecturally distinguished by its southeast corner, the structure capitalizes on the school’s lower elevation to the east, making its stature even more imposing. With a depth of 28m and a height of R+9, the housing symbolizes the urban density and vitality of the locality.

Its eastern facade showcases irregularly placed windows and corner loggias. This design rhythm not only provides visual delight but also offers the loggias as vantage points for panoramic city views. The building’s strategic positioning on Mac Donald Boulevard enhances its urban prominence, as it achieves its pinnacle in height and volume.

The transparent facade on the first two levels reveals the diverse activities within, serving as a visual invitation to passersby. This theme of transparency continues with an inviting porch that ushers visitors to an inner courtyard and its associated workshops.

The facade’s dynamism is accentuated by polycarbonate panels, with varying degrees of opacity interspersed with clear segments, resulting in a captivating play of light, shade, and reflections. This luminous interplay is intensified by the loggias, which are graced with horizontal glass blades.

Attention to detail ensures that every apartment is bathed in natural light from two directions. Each unit has its own outdoor space, ensuring residents have their private sanctuaries. Depending on their placement, these loggias offer either a secluded haven or sweeping vistas. Their adjustable glass slats have dual purposes, serving as winter greenhouses or promoting ventilation during summer. In essence, this building isn’t just a living space – it’s a living experience.

Architect : Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes
Structural Consultants : Griveau Ingénierie

Engineers fluids: Mci
Economist: Dal
Environment planner: Elan
Acoustic planner Jp Lamoureaux
Coordinator: Sps, Lm3 C
Contractors: Sicra Ile de France

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